Recorded At The Glorio: Lizz Wright’s Album “Freedom & Surrender”

If something goes wrong with your car and you don’t know much about car repair, then it’s time to go to the shop and find out what’s wrong. However, lots of people are understandably worried about getting ripped off—mechanics are pretty good at detecting when a customer doesn’t know anything about cars. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to narrow down the possibilities of what’s going on inside your car. The warning lights on your dashboard are the most obvious starting point.

mastering is a key element of the studio’s heritage. “Mastering was always a key aspect of Bill’s predominance in the recording studio world,” commented Goodchild. “We are simply bringing it back as a convenience to our clients, but also as a reimagined service operating in today’s Internet world market.”

United’s new Mastering Engineers are multi-Grammy winning and nominated engineer, Erick Labson and Warren Sokol, formerly with Universal Mastering. Their combined discographies include decades of major albums from top artists in virtually all musical genres.

“When you’ve produced your masterpiece in the studio, and recorded it impeccably, sweetened it with overdubs and mixed it to perfection, there is only one final step before manufacturing and distribution: mastering. This is when your work is finalized so that it sounds the very best to the listener. Mastering needs the latest technology and a gifted engineer to deliver the best music possible,” explained Steven Miller, United’s Executive Consultant on the new mastering studio.

United will be accepting all popular recording formats and delivering final masters to suit the tastes of you are aiming for maximum impact listening through earbuds, you can have that, too. But bear in mind that bandwidths will increase and higher resolution playback will become the norm, so it is best to prepare your music for that future now.”

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